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Eleanor Landman, Ed.S., NCC

Julie Tuttle, MSW

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What’s New?


A Brand New School Year


Let's make THIS the BEST school year EVER! Consider the following suggestions from D'Arcy Lyness, Ph.D. for, along with some commentary from me (in parentheses.)




1. Attend Back-to-School Night and Parent-Teacher Conferences. 

(Attending these and other events at school will not only keep you "in the loop," but also communicate to your child that you value the importance of his or her education.)


2. Visit the School and Its Website

(Kids, especially at the elementary level, usually love when their parents or other family members come to school for lunch, a field trip or other special events.  You can also find lots of information on our webpage, and be sure to "Like Us" on Facebook! While you're at it, check out your teacher's webpage, and check the Guidance link for even more information.)



3. Support Homework Expectations

(Homework is an important opportunity to practice skills learned during the school day, and it also helps establish good work and study habits.  It's a good idea to establish a set time or routine for homework. Make sure you understand the homework expectations for your child's grade level, and be sure to communicate with your teacher if you have any questions or concerns.)


4. Send Your Child to School Ready to Learn

(Just as it is important to have a homework routine, a set bedtime and stress-free morning routine and nutritious breakfast sets your child up for success!)


5. Teach Organizational Skills AND, 6. Teach Study Skills

(Organizational and study skills learned in the early years form a foundation for success in middle school, high school, and post-secondary ed, not to mention the work place.  Discuss with your child ways to keep all materials and due dates organized.  If you need help with teaching your child these skills, speak with your teacher or school counselor.)



7. Know the Disciplinary Policies


(This is yet another area where parent support is critical. Familiarizing yourself with the school's disciplinary policy will reinforce that you and the teacher are "on the same page," and working together on helping your child learn behaviors that will lead to success...and isn't this what "discipline" is really all about?)


8. Get Involved

(As the proverb says, "it takes village..." At Ithica, we welcome, and truly value, volunteers to help with many tasks around the school.  Even if daytime commitments prevent you from volunteering during the school day, there are many ways you can help.  Check the IES website, or call to find the date of our next volunteer training session.)


9. Take Attendance Seriously

(Of course good attendance is critical to school success!  This is common sense that is backed up by research.  Getting your school on time every day unless he or she is sick will help support success and build responsibility now and into adulthood.)



10. Make Time to Talk About School

(This is another way to reinforce that you support the hard work your child does everyday at school.  As schedules get busier for adults AND children, squeeze  time to fit a discussion about the school day into the schedule by establishing...yet another... routine...on the drive home, at dinner, on the way to practice, or at bedtime. )


These are many excellent tips for helping your child have the BEST year EVER!  For more information from go to


We will add one more tip of our own.  


11. If you have any questions or concerns, contact your School Counselor!




Eleanor Landman, Ed.S, NCC

Julie Tuttle, MSW

IES School Counselors